Alaina Dall Photography

Poem in Memoriam (In progress)

In “Poem in Memoriam,” Alaina Dall honors her mother by connecting images reminiscent of their shared past with present day signs of her spirit, whether a light breeze on a cloudy day, the smell of freshly peeled oranges, or the tick-tock of an old clock.   

Through a series of diptychs, Alaina conveys what it is like to be sustained by these life-affirming reminders.  On one side of the pairing is a photo taken while her mother was still alive. Many of these were captured in their family home of 47 years in Los Angeles.  On the other side is an image taken after her passing that evokes a comforting feeling or memory.  These “couplets” comprise the visual poem that is being created in her mother’s honor. 

Those of us who have lost a loved one want reminders they are with us – signs of their presence.  At the same time, we want them to know we will always love them and keep them close, even after they have passed.  This series visualizes the soulful connection between a daughter and her mother in a lasting tribute.